Monday, November 17, 2008

House of Entertainment

Where was this place in Portland & Who is this ?

A side-
B Side-

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, did a little poking around on the internet and found this:

It’s the aforementioned House of Entertainment, a practice space and social center, as well as stage to weekly Sunday jam sessions that’ve been happening since the 60s, back when Ural first moved in. To understand the significance of such a room, you have to imagine a time when venue real estate was limited, local record labels were few, and getting your music in front of people– especially as an R&B or soul artist– was no small feat. Ural knew the realities of the music industry better than most.

There's more descriptions on the page about the HOUSE as well, so make sure you read it all.

Great mp3s! Nicest surprise I've heard in a while. If you have any interest in selling this record, I'm game!


cdsilva22 AT gmail DOT com