Thursday, April 2, 2009

Real People

Dig Mr Barlow's take on Love Me Tender. Found these two records at the Goodwill Yesterday. Must Have had some money to have their own record cutter.
Mr Barlow
Love Me Tender

Another record from the same batch, this one by "Peggy, Chicky & Michael".
the second song is kind of funny cause they mention "Frankenstein & the Wolfman" who in my book would'nt be that Adorable. More Of these later, one of which is Kids telling jokes about "The Purple People Eater " Etc

You Don"t Have to be A Scot/Your Adorable

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Ravel said...

A, You're Adorable is the title of a song. Isn't it on the record? :-)
I am going through all your blog, finding little gems here and there... Amazing what we can find at thrift stores!
Thanks for all yr postings!
Ravel, Montreal, Quebec