Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kiss This

Cool Funky Instrumental amongst the bad 1970's pop hits . Who wants to hear a synthesizer version of Honky Cat ? Not me !
Claude Denjean & Synthesizer
Kiss This


KIRK100 said...

Hi, This is a comment on your overall Blog, and a question or two. I think your stuff is great, and would like to download a few to see what they are like. Do I have to worry about getting a worm or virus?
I just sold a large collection, which included a few of the records you show. Damn, I wish I hadn't sold them. I once had a record that I would like to find again. I never even bothered to record it. It was a commercial for Terminex, by Stan Freberg. Great record. Have you ever seen it? Anyway, I just found your blog, and have looked at a lot of your listings. Great stuff. Thanks. Kirk

nadorozny2001 said...

have never seen the stan freeberg record you talk about. no viruses on this blog that i know of