Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A. Paul Ortega/ Update

Its nice to be back. As you can see i've been putting off the blog for a bit. It was getting to where I was dreading having to post etc etc.Here's a few records I got at a yard sale yesterday. Lets just say , the place was dirty & scungey . Thats the last time I look at records up in an attic that was rat infested !!

Anyway lets start off with "A.Paul Ortega" from the lp named " Three Worlds" we bring you


Tyler O said...

Glad your back, for a second there I thought you'd gone into hiding. Thanks for posting this stuff, your blog has been REALLY helpful for my radio show, after a few weeks I'm running out of stuff from my personal stash, and it's great to have your blog to snag stuff from. Please keep up the great work! I'm sure all the listeners appreciate it too. I'm looking forward to some more NW records too!

nadorozny2001 said...

well here's 13 NW C&w songs from tacoma for you.