Thursday, April 16, 2009

Music for Wild Angels


Cool exploitaion lp from Germany "Music for Wild Angels", Europa Records. If The Petards- A Deeper Blue lp is anything like the cuts here, I need to get a copy.
The Petards
Fire Tree
Confusion All Day

The Spots
I Wanna spend my Life

The Petards
A Deeper Blue
ame Out At seven

Well thats it for now. Comments would be appreciated !
Take Care
Mr Ed


Craig D said...

Hiya, Ed! I've downloaded these, but it won't be until next week before I can listen to them. (It's complicated...)

Bell Hamm said...

very cool. great cover!

Anonymous said...

They ARE good. I'm new to your site. Glad I found it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ed, I have a Petards album and have always enjoyed it a lot; pretty typical late '60s "freakbeat", i.e. a combination of "beat" and pop-psych sounds. The track here is nice too! So thanks for posting it. (As you know, I am always especially grateful for any Northwest sounds you post here.)

John Berg, Seattle area