Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Northwest Explosion

Thats what it says on the label !! I heard this band was called "The Warlocks" then changed their name to "Yellowstone"
Anyway here's " I Got It"-
Here's some info off the old garagepunk page-
Yellowstone did four 45s. "One Sunny Day/Rough Ryder" was done at Valtron. I think "I Got It" may have been also, although it doesn't say--does say it was manufactured in Vancouver, Canada. "Sunny Days//Can't Believe It" and "I'm Coming Home" were done in Los Angeles. They never did an LP, although after they split, their lead guitar player and last bass player moved to Washington and formed "The Invaders." The Invaders later hooked up with Gerry Roslie of Sonics fame to form a new version of the Sonics and cut an LP called "Sinderella."


Record Geek said...

This must be the Warlocks from Seattle who opened for the likes of the Mojo Men.

nadorozny2001 said...

there was a warlocks from montana & this band is out from that way.