Friday, December 12, 2008

A Couple of Late Ones Before I Go

The Defenders-
Sermon (when I'm down)-
You Bother Me-
The Sunliners MGM K13809-
Land of Nod-
Well One-
See Ya Later !!!


Record Geek said...

Is that Peter Rivera on lead vocals? Do you have the Dreams/Answers LP?
One of Detroits finest!?!?!

Anonymous said...

THANK you!!!
Here is what Vernon Joynson says in book : Fuzz acid & Flowers:
Personnel incl:
PETE HOOTELBEKE drms, ld vcls A

1 Hully Gully Twist/Sweet Little Girl (Hercules 182) 196?
2 Hit It/The Islander (Hercules 183) 196?
3 So In Love/Little Girl Charm (Hercules 184) 196?
4 Swingin' Kind/All Alone (Golden World GW31) 1965
5 Land Of Nod/Well One (MGM K13809) 1967

From Detroit, this outfit later changed their name to Rare Earth. Land Of Nod was written by Pete Hootelbeke and is a rather excellent slab of commercial cash-in psychedelia, full of fuzz and 'out there' lyrics. It would easily find a home on the Rubbles series. A different mix of the song later appeared on Rare Earth's first album Dreams/Answers, which came out on Verve. Well One is a chunky 'intermission' instrumental with a funky feel but some searing guitar and backward vocals. An odd one to be sure.