Sunday, December 7, 2008

A New Tomorrow !

Well Thats what these "Conservative Right Wing Groups" hoped for. What ever happened to music any way ? It used to be "hope for the future" back years ago , now everything is all about being depressed with "no hope for the future".
If John Wayne & Walt Disney Liked this Lp maybe some of you will like the two songs by
Up With People-
A New Tomorrow-
Design for Dedication-

The King family

The King Family
Robert Clarke-
The Square-

The King Cousins-
Line The Track-


Guy said...

Just found your blog and spent a happy evening plundering. Haven't even listened to anything yet but you've made me a happy man!
Absolutely sterling work - do keep it up.

Anonymous said...

If the King Cousins had a singing telegram service I'd have them over everyday!!! They wouldn't even have to sing!!! Actually I'd prefer it if they didn't!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The Square" actually reminds me of most of the people in the world that get on my nerves!!!!

nadorozny2001 said...

yeah i'd have them givng telegrams !! all day. glad eveyone likes thid blog
mr ed

RP said...

I posted a few tracks from Up With People's s/t LP. Suprisingly groovy stuff.

nadorozny2001 said...

my girlfriend's band "Girl Trouble" was considering doing "A New Dimension" Up with People is so white !!
I'd like to get more of those Pace Magazines"