Friday, January 6, 2012

Some Good NW Records

Well 3 from BC Canada & One from Seattle Wa
We'll start off with the One from Seattle first
Keith Kessler
Don't Crowd Me
Sunshine Morning
There's a picture sleeve for this but i don't have it. Thank you Half Price Books for selling me this 45 for 25 cents !!
Hopping over the border we'll start with Vancouver's
United Empire Loyalists
No No No
Afraid Of The Dark
If only these guy would have recorded a little earlier cause they'd sound more like The Rolling Stones !
Northwest Company
Hard To Cry
Get Away From It All
From Haney, BC comes the Northwest Company, who changed their named from The Bad Boys. My Favorite Vancouver record & there's more than a few from there that are pretty good.
The One Way Street
Listen to Me
This band always gets mixed up as being a Louisiana group cause the record came out on Paula Records. This Band & The Northwest Company had the same manager "Tom Peacock " who was a local DJ at the time . (RIP) Tom Peacock.

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Anonymous said...

Ed, thanks for posting these rare BC tracks!

John Berg