Monday, January 2, 2012

It's The Pyschedelic Pill

Psychedelic Pill
Cool Iowa sounds.
Reminds one of of "The Music Machine" (RIP) "Sean Bonniwell"
The Union Jacks
I Gotta Go
No One But You
More Midwest madness , this one from Wisconsin, the land of cheese
Ray Sharpe
Help Me Pt 1
Help Me Pt 2
Later 45 by the man who did "Long Tall Texan"
The Heart
Help Me Down
Treat Me Bad
Ottawa , Ontario group. Cool Beatleish sounds on The B-side
Danny & The Sessions
Grand Times & Gay Nights
Texas Label
Painted Ship
Audience Reflections
She Said Yes
Richmond BC, Canada group. Not much else to be said about them that has'nt been said.


michael vee said...

.. great flip by Danny & The Sessions, a perfect way to start my day

ciao from Italy!

Anonymous said...

Great batch of records! Cobra was such a cool San Antonio label...wish I knew more about Cobra and its owner, Abe Epstien...I think he also had the Wildcat label. I've read on the 'net that Jimi Hendrix plays guitar on the Ray Sharpe Atco 45. There's not much guitar soloing on there, so who knows? "Linda Lu" was Ray's hit; not sure he did "Long Tall Texan". Thanks again for all your hard work!
Corky In Texas

nadorozny2001 said...

does'nt jimi play on everyboy's record just like jimmy page playing on every uk recording