Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost-Now Found

Been Trying to Find some of these records for a long time. You put them in boxes & don't know where they are
The David
40 Miles
People Saying, People Seeing
Been trying to figure out where i put this 45 for years !!
Direct From The Rainbow Ballroom (Pace Records)
Fab LP from Edmonton circa 1966-67. & another record I misplaced .
The Lords
Books & Movies
Lump City

Mary Saxton & The Lords
Go Ahead & Make a Fool Of Yourself
Just For You

Its Us Inc
Put Down
You Hear Me Call Your Name

Young Ones
I've Been Lonely Too

South Bound Freeway
Deadend Street
Something Better

Might as well do another Canadian Record
The Krystals (Fourmost Records )
Make Me Smile
Creepin' Fuzz
Can't Have
Over & Over
Mamas & Papas
Cool Sounding Lp that reminds me of a Bubblegum group with Fuzz !!. From Eastern Canada
Thats it for now, had a couple of other things i wanted to post but i'm gonna wait for another day
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Anonymous said...

hi ed
been listening to the tunes you post on your very sophisticated blog for quite some time now and cant dig it enough. always new and obscure stuff to hear along with great pics. its usually one of the first blogs i check out on weekends.anyway just wanted to give a shout and say THANKS! for your efforts. just seems like theres a never ending supply of stuff out there and hope the supply is bottomless.take care
a"MR.ED" fan

nadorozny2001 said...

it seems bottomless (?)

KL from NYC said...

I enjoyed listening to both LPs.

KL from NYC said...

I tried to look up some info on the bands and I was able to find something on The Krystals that states they're from Labrador City, Canada, and has some other info:

Andrew Mccormack said...

hi Ed,
love love love "direct from the rainbow ballroom " great edmonton bands ! do you have the rest of the album . 12 tracks .
your post has 9.
thank you for all the great music.