Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh Fuck It ! Sweet Sixteen Part Two

Was gonna do the second part tomorrow. Let's do the rest today
Smiley Lewis- Bad Luck Blues
Better known for "I Hear You Knocking" from New Orleans

Chess & Checker- Chicken In The Logo
Could this be word play on the record label ? Anyways it's great song.

John Barry Seven- Long John

Bob & Kit- You've Gotta Stop
Decent Folk Rock from Los Angeles. there's also a picture sleeve but i don't have it.

Joe Tex- Chicken Crazy

Brad Suggs- Partly Cloudy
I wish it would rain, its hotter than hell around here !

Yancey Ellis- Ballad Of The Strapless Gown
Sounds like that itsy bitsy bikini song to me.

The Olympians- Strung Out-Nose Busted
Hmmm... could this be "The Olympics" ?, If not they sure sound like said group.

Well that's it for now as always comments are most welcome & appreciated.
See Ya Later
Mr Ed


cb said...

I dig that Bob and Kit track, are these guys known at all?

nadorozny2001 said...

gray newell mentions getting this record. Folk rock from california ?

Gray Newell said...

The Bob of Bob & Kit is Bob Ray, later of Thorinshield, who also played bass on Donovan's Season of the Witch in 1966. Thorinshield who recorded an album and a couple of 45s for Philips from 1967 through to 1968. Ray recorded a solo album, Initiation of a Mystic, on the Soul City label in 1970 which is very much in the Donovan folk rock mould.

The picture sleeve to Bob and Kit's HBR 45 is pretty cool. The flip side is more mellow folk rock sounds. There is a scan of the sleeve here: