Monday, July 13, 2009

Grover's Party Time 1959 !


Here's a rare treat for you. Tracks from Grover Jackson's Party Time TV show, Tacoma Wa circa 1959.
Some nice rockabilly from Randy Wood especially the track Moshi Moshi amongst others here.
Don't expect hi fi quality here . These were recorded off the TV !
More posts coming soon !!
Comments are most welcome & appreciated . Its been a rough couple of weeks for me personally so comments would be nice.

Bull Dog
Fujiyama Momma/ MONEY HONEY (Carol Anne) Vocal
Guitar Boogie Shuffle
Moshi Moshi
I'm Movin' On
Hey Hey Hey
Unknown Instrumental
Your Left She's Right I'm Gone

1 comment:

cb said...

I downloaded Moshi Moshi and it was so good I went back for the other tracks.

The link for I'm Right, You're Left is a repeat of the one for Hey Hey Hey, by the way.