Monday, July 13, 2009

Lounge Time

Here's 13 Lounge songs for all you Space Age types out there. DIG-

Hugo Blanco- Surf del Amor

Leo Armuad- Taboo

Jerry Sun-Taboo

Barefoot Boys Et Loma- Vana Vana

Barefoot Boys Et Loma-Petoit Tamure

Roger King Molzian-Moliendo Cafe

Roger King Molzian-Renegade

Tino Contreras-Night Train

Bailemos Twist-Oigan Que Twist

A Go Go Band (Korea)-?

A go Go Band-Coming Home Baby

Trio Esperanca-Por Teu Amor

Special Mystery Track -Our Day Will Come


KL from NYC said...

First of all, glad you're back. Your blog doesn't show up on Blogger Dashboard or Google Reader, so it's been difficult to keep up with you.
1. Q: What label are the Roger King Molzian tracks on?
2. Something that would mix in well with these: There's a wild RCA Lounge-A-Go-Go non-LP 45 ("Groovy") from their Bachelor Pad Cool period at (and an unusual Everly Bros-style 45 on Specialty underneath that one).
3. the Mystery Track wasn't much of a mystery because the download was labeled. I thought we were supposed to guess (not that I would've been able to).
Take care, glad you're back.

nadorozny2001 said...

i tried to keep it as a mystery song but forgot that i listed the artist. will check out the a go go tracks. the roger tracks are on rca

Anonymous said...


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KL from NYC said...

Oh No, Mr. Ed! "Sexy" has found you! (And I got her in my e-mail as a follow-up comment.) ... Must ... get ... rid ... of ... "sexy" ... (Maybe you can spam her with music?)

nadorozny2001 said...

i wondered about sexy. oh well whatever, I guess ?