Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr Ed's Sweet Sixteen Part One

Well i'm back with actual 45's this time. Summer has been up & down so far for me. Hopefully your summer is better. Ok lets get on with the records

Sandy & The Sandstorms- Sandstorm (Billy Lee Riley) in disguise ?

The Shadows -Jungle Fever
I'm guessing this is a California group not Cliff Richard's group.

Eddie Clearwater
I Was Gone

The Orphans- One Spoken Word. Kind of dreary but worth a listen

Curly Dee & Tony Albert & The Ghost Riders-
Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
Killer record label !!! Decent C&W. A Label one would not pass up finding in a thrift store

Double lp of mostly Glee club groups . Here's a couple of Jazzier cuts.
Tribune Band of Los Angeles
Afro Blue

Ohio Morning Sun Of Ohio (?)
Work Song

The Avengers- The Kiss I Never Had.
Los Angeles group who I think also did "Be A Caveman " Can anyone verify this ?

Part Two of the Sweet Sixteen Tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

just found a nice pic of The Shadows, they hailed from Chicago and recorded their great Jungle Fever in 1958(!)... go to