Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Decades (A Record Geek Dedication)

I was'nt Expecting this to be a garage record. I though it was soul.The B side is dedicated to "The Record Geek", Tacoma would be half as nutty without you !!
I'm Gonna Dance-
On Sunset-


Record Geek said...

Wow thanks for the dedication!!! This kind of reminds me of the Oshun 45 "Battle Of Life". I have to start working again tomorrow!!!! DAMN!!!!!

Kyle Green said...

Another one of my fave 45s. I hadn't heard it for a long time. I feel I have been reacquainted with an old friend. Thank you very much.

nadorozny2001 said...

Like i said before i remembered this being a soul record so i ignored it. On sunset is genuis. i could just see some disc jockey flipping this over & playing it on the air, there'd be alot of head scratching !!!

Dee said...

Greatest site!!!!