Sunday, February 10, 2013

Move It On Over

 photo 88_zps489f2f97.jpg
Del Shannon
Move It On Over
Cool later rocker !!
 photo 7_zpsdd9791f6.jpg
Warren Smith
Miss Froggie
 photo 6_zps15b461cc.jpg
Bob Kayli
Everyone Was There
An early Barry Gordy JR production pre Motown (?)
 photo 3_zpsfcf28fd1.jpg
Dale & Grace
Bad Luck
 photo 3_zpsf684287b.jpg
Lightenin' Leon
Repossession Blues
Dark Muddy Bottom
Nice Blues out of Memphis (?)

More later today
Over & Out
Mr Ed

Whatever . figures photobucket has over sized pics etc. Can't have the old design , got have some new crappy things !!

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