Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hippie Yippie

 photo 9_zpsed1008de.jpg
Vic Woodard, Claudia
Hippie Yippie
My Little Hippie
Another Hippie put down 45
 photo 11_zpsd86c8980.jpg
Jo Kiser
Lovey Dovey
 photo 7_zps6605bd98.jpg
The Road Hogs
My Generation
The Very Last Day
Scottish group does The Who.
 photo 8_zps547b9ee7.jpg
The Inferno
Your Heart is Bigger Than Your Head
The Hurt Does'nt Go Away
 photo 2_zpsd1d4a125.jpg
The Munks
Long Time Waiting
Surprised this one played all the way through as it has a bad edge warp. One of Montreal's finest.
 photo edssy11234_zpse8b13ba3.jpg
Garry Walker
She Makes Me Feel Better
Was gonna post one more but can't find the pic. oh well maybe in the next batch
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jo Kiser song, I like her version better than Buddy Knox.
If you can and you have it, can you please post the flip side.

Mr Pinkwhistle said...

What a great post! The tracks by The Inferno, Road Hogs and The Munks are new to me (at least it's the first time I've really listened to them), and I haven't heard the Gary Walker in ages. So thanks for these (and others I've neglected to thank you for), mixed with envy at how you can still manage to find so many original finds on your travels. Here in the UK it's nigh impossible these days, especially for all those Canadian and US releases.