Thursday, February 21, 2013

Imagination Is A Dream

 photo a_zps9a94840a.jpg
Sorry Dudes ain't playing this one but "imagination is a dream" for you
 photo b_zps27521810.jpg
S.O.H Musicians
God's Been So Good
Don't Be Disappointed
 photo c_zps35645493.jpg
Mike Sharpe
Mississippi Delta
 photo l_zpse15f3df9.jpg
Bobby Bryan
I'm pretty sure this is Gene Marshall of song poems fame
 photo s_zps798367e6.jpg
Big Buddy Kaye
New Generation Man
 photo n_zps24e08f6a.jpg
Jimmy Bond & The Goldfingers
Don't Cry
Lucky Goldigger
 photo d_zps35f1b3e2.jpg
Marvin Gaye
Baby Don't You Do It
Saved the best for last here.

Ok Here's Some commercials from radio Station KTAC Tacoma circa 1974 for ya !!
 photo 394848_10200207111768001_1466950672_n_zpsd474a473.jpg
Olympia Beer
Guess Who Show
Canada Dry Gigner Ale
Aloha Movie Ad
Genearl Pants

Its been a little rough around Mr Ed's world. Girlfriend's dad died of prostate cancer last week. It's real hard watching someone turn into a skelton . I thought i never see a holocaust victim cause thats what he looked like at the end.
RIP Powerhouse
Over & Out
Mr Ed


wcpaeb said...

It sounds like you rescued that S.O.H. Musicians 45 just in time considering all the noise, skips including repeat skips
Too gospely for my taste (tho does remind me a bit of the Chambers Brothers) but I'm sure there are others who are glad you uploaded it.

nadorozny2001 said...

sometimes you get records that skip unforetunately