Thursday, March 28, 2013


 photo 65432_zpsdd48a339.jpg
Jim Aiello & The Happy Feeling
 photo 79942345-e98e-4d3a-8c51-a094cde12f63_zps8644857d.jpg
Doug Hutton
This Old Train
 photo 8888_zps8fb1f32c.jpg
Bonnie & Charles

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Barry Boyd w/The Frantiks
Goin' Home To Memphis
Walk with Me
Four records from Western Canada . Happy Feeling were from Calgary, Alberta,, Doug Hutton 45 is post For Keeps band, Bonnie & Charles are from Winnipeg, Manitoba & Billy Boyd is from Edmonton, Alberta

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Roy Head
Wigglin' & Gigglin'
 photo 7878_zps747e01b4.jpg
Lowell Fulsom
Mellow Together

 photo 333333_zpsbd58bf76.jpg
Qiuntetto Finschi
Rock A Beatin' Boogie
Not a very convincing cover of Bill Haley & The Comets ! They Tried.
 photo 55555_zpsafdcb1fb.jpg
Billy Graham & The Escalators
East 24th Street
Oop Poo Pa Doo
 photo 99999_zps1379536a.jpg
Muddy Waters
Woman Wanted
Billy Graham is hot Soul, Muddt Waters is blues. These on any comps ?

Thats it for now folks. Record posts might be slim seeing as i'm working & not getting many days off. Enjoy the posts & comments are most welcome
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Rebecca said...

Really diggin' these things you dig up as usual!

Anonymous said...

thanks i'm working in ft macmuaray. no records in that town. i stand corrected 3 records in town at the salvation army.
mr ed