Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thats All Folks Till Late October

Going to work long term .
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Rhythm & Blues Inc
Louie Louie
Honey Don't
B -side is written by Carl Lee Perkins. Ha ha ha

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Little Boy Blues
Little Boy Blues' Blues
I'm Ready
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Hollywood Sunsets Band
It's Barracuda
Sky Rider
She's a Heartbreaker
Two hot instrumentals & one vocal for ya !!

 photo b6f842f1-b170-4ea6-a022-e0f37c3e5e0d_zps3ef8e75e.jpg
Lotsa Poppa
That's Where It's At

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The Offbeats
Woman's Liberation

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Dave Holden
Three Soul numbers for you !
See you in October
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Anonymous said...

Great selection! You post some real gems. Thanks Ed


Anonymous said...

Dude! My buddy was visiting from Austin tonight; he told me this story about how he spent his 21st birthday in the Playboy club in (I believe) Tacoma, Wash. Not a real Playboy club; they had to change it to "Player's" after Hefner sued them. This was about 1961 and the band was the Don Holden Trio. Holden was the pianist and brother of Ron "My Babe" Holden. 30 years later my buddy's selling timeshares in Seattle and in come Don and his wife. How's the Trio doin'? My friend asked him. Turns out Don is still playing and owned a recording studio somewhere in the Seattle area. I thought you'd want to know this....Corky In Tx

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Dave Holden!

KL from NYC said...

Hi. Long time, no visit.

Phil Dirt said...

Mr. Ed, please contact me regarding Hollywood Sunsets Band. Thanks, Phil Dirt