Friday, September 5, 2008

Two more from Alberta


Here's a couple more 45's from Edmonton
Circle Widens- Actually this group is from St Albert which basically is a suburb of Edmonton. The A side stinks, its a folky song with a female singer singing about lent.
Weird Understanding-

The Lords - One of the bigger Edmonton groups . they had a couple (?) more 45s &a few songs on the "Live at the Rainbow ballroom lp" On the Pace label which also had the King Beezzz -Gloria & Mary Saxton.

Dirt beneath my feet-


Karius og Baktus said...

Loving that Circle Widens song.
Have been since you posted it at the old garagepunk forum.

Would love to see a higher res version of the Circle Widens picture. What's the name of that label? Korland? Catalog number?

Sorry about that 'clutter' comment earlier, btw...

nadorozny2001 said...

larger photo coming

Delinquent said...

Wow, that Circle Widens song is fantastic! Would love to get a hold of a copy of that 45. Thanks!