Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ernie Caslte quartet- Dog Pound Castle 55406

Here's a Canadian 45 that i have no info on
The Ernie Castle quartet . Nice instrumental pity its lead by piano because it would have sounded cooler with guitar
Dig Dog Pound


Eighties Blog said...

I used to work with Ernie Castle at a hotel in Calgary in the early 90s. I didnt know he was a musician until finding an LP of his at a thrift store at the time. He was a cool old guy with a neat grey goatee and a positive attitude!

Gary Sill said...

Hey Mr. Ed,

I'm sorry you would prefer a guitar instead of piano on my song "Dog Pound". Yes, I was a 18 year old kid playing piano in the Ernie Castle Quartet when that song was recorded in the mid-1960's. I can't say as I have seen any royalities from it which I would have had to share with Ernie's estate. He passed sometime in the 1990's. The line up on the recording was myself, Gary Sill, Al Hooper, upright bass, Ernie Castle drums and Dobey Hustey vocals. It was recorded in Calgary, Alberta but I can't remember where. Definitely a proper studio though. I played with Ernie until 1967 or 1968 when I left to form my own quartet.

J. Gary Sill said...

Actually Al was playing electric bass for that.

Hoknes said...

I have a bunch of ads for the Ernie Castle Quartet from Saskatoon in 1966 - contact me at