Thursday, September 25, 2008


Come on people !!! Your killing me !
please post some comments


!vinyljunkie! said...

Just stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago, altho your name has popped up on other sites I've visited. I'm guessing you hail from Edmonton or close by. Calgary for me. Which is where the Ernie Castle 4 are from, with at least 1 LP to their credit. This is just the kind of stuff I love & collect (the Can Con mostly). So thanks for the tunes. Do you take request? or have any wants?
I'll be lurking.
Rick aka !vinyljunkie!

nadorozny2001 said...

Thanks for the info. actually i'm from Tacoma but have stayed in Vancouver & Edmonton

Anonymous said...

most surprised to see a cool new refreshing blog especially from an old garagepunk forumer. i dug all those old D/L's you posted;still have'em tucked away in my ext.HD
now comes the bummer... the AAC files skip and distort when relegated to various players? not sure if the players can handle the format adequately or need to get a more "sophisticated" player.has anyone else noticed this issue or just me?

Record Geek said...