Monday, January 19, 2015

And the Hits Keep coming.....

Mixed bag of goodies this time around. Dig It !!
 photo somethingwild_zpsf965df03.jpg
Something Wild
Trippin' Out
California group. I guess there's some interview in Ugly Things about the group leader. Kal X Blue
 photo freddycannon_zpse85d9e90.jpg
Freddy Cannon
20th Century Fox
Cincinatti Woman
Did'nt know freddy had it in him. There's another rocking 45 after this one, i'll have to dig it out. With members of the Strawberry Alarm Clock backing.
 photo rickwest_zpsfd8c1fb7.jpg
Rick West
Crackin' Up
Mid west artist (?) I think (?)
 photo fantasticdeejays_zps56ae8b69.jpg

Fantastic Dee-Jays
T& C Lancers Shoe Commecial
Shoe commercial by Pittsburgh's finest.
 photo johnny_zps4856c6f2.jpg
Johnny & The Hurricanes
Saga Of The Beatles
Weird Beatles tribute (?) Also terrible.
 photo sentenals_zps75a4c075.jpg
The Sentenels
 photo centuries_zps545ff392.jpg
The Centuries
Outer Limits
Couple of hot Surf instrumentals. Don't know when the Centuries came out or where they are from. Sentenels are from California.
 photo exotics_zps5167f339.jpg
The Exotics
Ginger Snap
NW group. Forget where their from.
 photo sundaefunnies_zpsa5e39e4c.jpg
The Sundae Funnies
Tell Me
CoolSoul from the Mid west, dig the backwards guitar. As are the Shags.
 photo shags_zpsd4172a7b.jpg
The Shags
Your a Loser
 photo garyjames_zpse22a5a48.jpg
Gary James
Keep Ahead
Cool record out of Wyoming . there's others but i only have one other 45 from Wyoming & I already posted it.
 photo pharoahs_zps5937ba95.jpg
The Pharaohs
Another instrumental this time from Victoria , BC Canada. One of these days i will post their other 45 "Friendly Martian"
 photo chocholy_zpsd19b71aa.jpg
If I Love Her
 photo lossearfins_zpsbb65382e.jpg
Los Searfins
Lucy Come Home
The last two one from Poland , Chocholy. I have 2 eps by this fabulous group. Los Searfins are from Uraguay . Cool Psych. What was the deal with cool groups coming from there eg los Shakers, Mockers , Bulldogs etc

Comments are appreciated & most welcome
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Doctor Gaz said...

nice eclectic selection here boss,
I wonder do you have any of the following Canada related singles?

Rock Show Of The Yeomen - Village Girl
Pops Merrily - Hail To The King
Michelle - All My Hopes & Dreams / Dreamin'

be nice to hear them one day

nadorozny2001 said...

i might have the yeomen 45

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the Shags.
Can you post their flip side called "Crying" if you have it and the time ?


Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

THANKS, Ed... killer t' have ya back in action!