Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Big Six ( for tonight)

Jay Telfer
Love ,Life & The Pursuit of Happiness
Toronto Singer Ex A Passing Fancy
Original Dukes
Ain't About To Lose My Cool
It Looks Like Rain
Cool Memphis Disc Produced by Scotty Moore
The Chosen Few
Baby Don't You Do It
Pre "Initial Shock" is what heard for this disc
The Pirates
Cuttin' Out
Naughty Girl
Lousianna(SIC) Group .
Ronny Williams
Move Up a Little Closer Baby
Another Southern Act , b-side by his brother Larry . Song is a ballad so we'll pass on it. Bet You Ronny got all the chicks !!!

Roy Jr
Victim of Circumstances

Whats everybody up to these days, old Ed would love to get some feedback. Comments are most welcome
Seasons Greetings
Mr Ed

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Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

ya did it again, Ed... yer a wonderful human bein'!