Saturday, October 1, 2011


Sorry its only been three months plus since the last post but i've have'nt been home much like two weeks in three months. Got lots of new records waiting at home but ony a few with me.Anyway I promise more posts !!
Anyway here's my new post "The Nomads " Hits of The Nomads Point lp
Edmonton , Alberta , Canada group circa 1967 -68

Hey Joe
By Myself


Ginger said...

Ever so glad you're back - you've been missed!

Brian said...

Hello Mr. Ed,

In the last three months I discovered your blog. I live in Portland, Oregon and remember that House of Entertainment record? That's a really old club here that burned down in 1974. I will return and tell you some more, and also about that band Twitch from Vancouver.

KL from NYC said...

Glad to hear that you're on your way back.
I don't know if you'll get to see them, but I've left comments on old posts as I worked my way back (I'd missed a lot).

KL from NYC said...

BTW, where were these Nomads from?
There were so many groups with the same name.

nadorozny2001 said...

the nomads were from edmonton alberta canada

pfft said...

Glad you're back, Ed.
That's a great version of Hey Joe!

michael vee said...

really missed you, welcome back!