Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Here.....

Yup still in camp working . Only Two more weeks to go (?)
Anyway here's a few records i've found thrifting around here.
The Saturday Knights
The Avanties
Wax Em Down
The Night Trains
Walk On The Wild Side

Three Instrumentals to start things off. Avanties record has Pat & Lolly Vegas as members, Saturday Knights from Vermont or somewhere from the New England area, Night Trains Also known as The Night Train Revue , 1st 45 by this Vancouver group.
Loretta Lynn
I'm a Honky Tonk Girl
Whispering Sea
First record by loretta Lynn, I did not pay 200 to 300 dollars for this
Marc Hamilton
Tapis Magique
Cool French Canadian record with wah wah & Sitar (?)


Harsh said...

nice collection!!!1

Rebecca said...

Enjoying the Night Train side, don't think I've heard this one before.

Ravel said...

I always enjoy what you find in thrift stores... (and I think of you when I go to those places too!).

KL from NYC said...

Good Instros, but what is the name of the label that just has a musical note on top (is it a label just for the group)? said...

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waxhound said...

Hi KL from NYC

The record with the note at the top is an RCA (Canada) custom press.

There are several more out there... not all as good as this one!


Marc (Canada)

KL from NYC said...

Thanks, Waxhound.