Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adios PT Melon, Hello Summer

Well another spring work season is done. Just waiting to get on the ferry. Anyway enjoy Gibsons, BC Canada's, "Penn Kings" with a nice Garagey song . Gay song title but cool song.
Penn Kings
Lovin' Life
With sometime off i;ll be able to put more posts up & i have a few nice records to post. Stay Tuned !!
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Ļickable♔Ĥunk™©® said...

Good song but I dont consider it "gay".
Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Amazing cover! Song's pretty good too... said...

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Anonymous said...

hi, first of all, i'd like to thank you for all your postings , i downloaded many songs from it in the past and i never managed to express my gratefulness(is that a real word?) to you _ anyway , the lovin' life song has been haunting me for years and i couldn't remember when i first heard it until i stumbled again unto your blog _ i would be just plain happy if you could post the entire penn kings album, or maybe some other songs as this album is nowhere to find in the blogosphere
take care