Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Not Me

Well another batch of goodies. I'm gonna start posting some records that don't fit in here. You can dig my first post there.
Jay Wiggins
No Not Me
Sad Girl
Good Soul , one side fast , other side slow jams

Change Of Pace
Bring My Buddies Back
Blood is Thicker Than Water

Joe Bethancourt
String Conert Album
Public LP 5001
Lp made up of mostly rustic sounding music but "Raga" is a fine Psychedelic Instrumental. Pity the rest of the LP does'nt sound like that song.
The Ventures
Wild Thing
This sounds alot better than it looks. Nice Fuzz on Wild Thing !!
The Trends
The Beard
Another Instrumental two sider.
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Mr Ed

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Pete said...

The Trends were cool tracks. The Beard sounded like a slower version of Booker T & the MG's while Chug-a-Lug reminded me of that riff in Ghost Riders in the Sky.