Monday, March 7, 2011

96 Lagrimas

Well its a new week which equals some new songs!!
DIG !!
Carlos Guzman & Los Fabolosos Cautro
96 Lagrimas
Tex Mex version but this band stayed in Texas !!

Dusty Springfield
The Corrupt Ones

Anybody see this movie ?

Billy (The Kid) Emerson
The Whip Pt 1
The Whip Pt 2

Here's a repost (Better quality file)
Lili & Manon
Blow Wind


michael vee said...

Hi Ed,

I have selected 26 (more but not exclusively "garagey") tracks you posted that were missing in my collection and have added some pics and some info for the booklet.
It's great listing-fun guaranteed! You can dl it at

thanks a lot for all your efforts!

KL from NYC said...

The Dusty Springfield track comes from one of those European co-productions called "Die Holle von Macao" ("From Hell to Macao") with Elke Sommer & Robert Stack (a 1967 spy movie).
One of the reviewers at IMDB said they found a video copy at Movie Madness in Portland, OR.