Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shutdown ??

Should I or should'nt I ?


pfft said...

It depends. Do you still like doing it? If not, you should shut down. Simple as that.

Personally, I dig your blog a lot, and I have found great stuff here I have never heard (of).

Anonymous said...

I would be very disappointed if you shuydown. Your offering of the rare and obscure makes your site a true delight.

pleeeeeeeeze said...

hit us with your rarest psych 45s - yeeeeeahhh!

michael vee said...

.. don't even consider it a flower needs the rain, I need my weekly batch of rare gems and would die if I should miss it so thanks for all your efforts up to now and please keep on diggin'&postin'


cuzpat said...

I just discover and love your place here!
you sure got and found some so neat stuff and i thank you

i hope you will keep going for you are doing a great job here and again thank a millions


Wimakaeler said...

I surely would miss your wonderful uploads so for me, if you're still enjoying yourself with this blog, keep on doin' it!


KL from NYC said...

I never thought you'd even consider shutting down.
Just take a break when you're tired, and let everyone know you're taking a break so they won't think you've disappeared.
You're blog is one of the first I'd found when I first started looking for music on the Internet, and I've always come back to see what you've found. I'm sure that's the same story with other people.
In my case, there's no more record shopping for singles at Salvation Army or thrift stores in NYC, so I am record hunting vicariously by looking at what you've found.