Monday, May 10, 2010

Today's Finds


The Sound Effects Man

Milton Cross-
Little Black Sambo Pt 1
Little Black Sambo Pt 2

Chuck Norris & His Band
Rockin After Hours
I Know The Blues

La Melle Prince
Phone Me Blues
Get High

Toby Rean & The Common People
Request For Discharge
Outta Space
Margies Smile

Got some strange & cool records today for your listening pleasure. Check out Toby Rean's "Request for Discharge" & also "Outta Space" which is not C&W !
Dig The two Aladdin 78's & the two kid's records eg "Little Black Sambo" & "The Sound Effects Man".


Left Coast Arn said...

Is it me, or is anybody else having trouble downloadin the two Chuck Norris tunes?

KL from NYC said...

I could download one Chuck Norris (Rockin' After Hours) and I got it to play @ box, but I can't get any of the others to play @box -- they load, I hit "Play" but nothing happens. I think it's Box.

KL from NYC said...

Can't get the kiddie records to play @ Box, and it doesn't download as a playable mp3. I'll try later to see if I get it, but the others on the other post are OK. Maybe it's not Box.

Anonymous said...

belated commentary. Toby Rean is out of Bakersfield CA. A friend of mine's copy had a promo photo included with his copy. I have that record somewhere as well. The first cut is not in the same vein as the rest of the record. Pretty strange.


Anonymous said...

Not having success playing PART 1 of Little Black Sambo (Milton Cross). Part 2 plays fine, however. Can anyone help?