Friday, October 31, 2008

Songs-Lots more of them

Here's a list of songs for your pleasure . No rhyme or reason for them. No info for most of these. I know Mel Shaw is the guy who managed the Stampeders & Tom Thumb's from the Northwest. Don't Sweat the details , just enjoy
The Dotson bros- Orbit
The Trebletones- Guitar Movement
The Four Playboys-jungle stomp

The Phantom Five- graveyard
The Phanton Five- Cool It
The Spark Plugs-Cook That Chicken
The Spark Plugs-Tear a Love
Mel Shaw- The Swinging Sound
Mel Shaw- Mean Lover
Darry Weaver- Edge of Town
Tom Thumb & the Casuals-Go Go Time

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Anonymous said...

Great batch of cool stuff - everyone is a winner. Thank you