Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 !!!

Apologies , no new posts in 7 months. Dems da brakes !!

 photo les20marogays_zpspvyjsp6l.jpg
Les Marogays
Si Tu M'aimais

 photo les20surfes_zps5fnel5cp.jpg
Les Surfs
Reveins Sloopy
Couple of French language 45's for ya. One from France and the other from Quebec , Canada
 photo volt20ex_zpsepglvtsw.jpg
Bert Lynch
Poor Man's Prayer
Volt Express
One side is kind of a ballad and the other side is a Calypso imstrumental . From somewhere in Canada
 photo lisa20ray_zpsfnqsg4wf.jpg>
Lisa Rey
Can't We Get Along
California female singer. Quite good. B-side is on Youtube

Ok well here's a few to get the new year started. Life getis in the way sometime, so no posts
Over & Out
Mr Ed


michael vee said...

welcome back Sir!

waxhound said...

Hi Ed

Thanks for the Bert Lynch.
It somehow rings a bell, but maybe I'm getting it confused with the name of a copper from the show Z-Cars that I used to watch at my Granny's in the UK when I was a young boy...

Keep on rockin' in the PNW!

Marc (Canada)