Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mixed Bag

 photo fin_zpshgqsgf82.jpg
Jee Jee Jee
Scandanavian version of The Chipmunks. Not really sure what the title is (?)
 photo jim20bowman_zpsmfalrrbb.jpg
Jimmy Bowman
Big Red & The Cool Yule
 photo freddy20hampton_zpsjzarvpnx.jpg
Freddy Hampton
Press Me A Rose
Song has a creepy vibe to it.
 photo casey_zpsbqwcguoy.jpg
Casey Kasem
Letter From Elana
Fan letter written about The Beatles . RIP Casey Kasem
 photo 96879284-8353-499d-8bc2-d914539cd8be_zps7g1aogml.jpg
Chamber Of Commerce, North Pole,Canada
Jungle Bells
Christmas Record produced in Saskatewan and Released by an Ontario label

Ok I guess thats it for now cuase my scanner is acting funny
Over & Out
Mr Ed

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waxhound said...

"Saukki ja pikkuoravat" means "Saukki and the Chipmunks"
"Elmerin sähkölankabändi" "Elmer electric wire band,"
and "jee jee jee" is Finnish for "yay yay yay"
according to google translate (which is not always reliable)
Juhlia, Garth!
Yore pal,