Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Living Evidence

The Topics Living Evidence Topic Records 197?
The Devil
I Can't Make Up My Mind
Baby Your Mine

Fabulous Sounding lp from the Seattle trio. Bullwhip cracking noises provided by Kearney Barton on "The Devil" , other two songs would fit on an Lp full of Beatleish sounding songs very well

The Famous Casanovas Pyschodelic Sounds IA Records Trinidad
North Song
Melon Man
John Brown
Not very pyscodelic but some great sounding organ instrumentals by one of Trinidad's finest
Over & Out
Mr Ed


Rebecca said...

It's worth getting black fingers sometimes. Never heard of the Topics, I will have to check them out, thanks Ed!

Anonymous said...

those topics songs are really mesmerizing _ my appreciation maybe biased as i'm a sucker for those kinds of loungy-real people records but i'd love to hear the rest of the album if possible