Friday, March 23, 2012


This post is....
Anyway a few records this time, nothing super exciting but decent solid records
Mike Felix
Booga Dee
Stupid song title but a cool song. Who was Mike Felix ?
Barry Lee & The Actions
Try Me
Another great one. Seen this listed as "Northern Soul" , yeah whatever
Caterina Valente
Don't Lose Your Head
Will He Be There
Female Pop by this Italian (?) Singer , Produced by (look down below)
Claus Ogerman & His Orchestra
Watusi Trumpets


Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

Mike Felix sounds a heck-uva-lot like Johnny Kidd (& The Pirates)... hhmmmm. Thanks again fer the post ED!

Boursin said...

Mike Felix was the lead singer of the Migil 5 - an almost painfully square white ska band who had a big UK hit with "Mockin' Bird Hill" in '64. This is his unsuccessful solo record from '66.