Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Back

Well Back for the second post even if it looks like newest post. Found a couple of things in the town I'm working in. Nothing great shakes but still some cool songs !!
Little Tony
My Baby Left Me
Ogni Mattina

Rolf Harris
Iko Iko
From the "It's a Rolf Harris World "lp , An Lp of no great shakes, you'd think he would have used the wobble board for this song. Oh well its still a cool version

Young & Company
Unknown Title
No information on the B-Side which is a shame as its the better side with wah wah etc
Beatmen "Twist & Shout " LP Globe Records ( Canada)
I Got A Woman
Not A Second Time
For You
Decent Cash in Lp from Montreal Canada.
Here's a couple with no Pics
The O'kaysions
Soul Clap
The "Girl Watcher" group for you that are keeping score.

Evan Kemp
We Two
Vancouver Canada C&W singer. Get the Lp home to find that its warped !!

Chet & Charlie
The Bullfighter
Alabama Comedians (ha ha)


KL from NYC said...

Little Tony had a double CD retrospective issued (by BMG) if you're interested in him (I got a copy from one of my students as a present). "Cuore Matto" is his biggest hit.

KL from NYC said...

Do you know if that's the same Young & Co that had a hit on Brunswick with "I Like"?