Friday, February 19, 2010

It's "Like A Madness" !

Ok well I'm sort of back. Anyway it's an all Canadian set this time. It's "Like a Madness" !

Sandi Shore-
Like a Madness

Jayson King
Bamboo Man


Now a Couple of Arc Records for Your Pleasure

A Little Bit Me, I'm a Believer , She Hangs Out & 9 Other Tail Hangers Arc lp719

Turns out this is "The Quiet Jungle" moonlighting for this Monkees cash in Lp. Check out for The Quiet Jungle's story.
Theme from The Monkees
Stepping Stone
Mary Mary
Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
Gonna Buy Me A Dog


Do You Wanna Dance (best of Frank's Bandstand) Arc Lp669
An lp of 'The Halifax Sound" for your pleasure.
The Offbeats
Wild Weekend

What Can You Do

The Brunswick Playboys
Too Blind To See

I've had a bit of a rough time so your comments would & are most appreciated !
Take Care
Mr Ed


KL from NYC said...

It's been rough for everyone, lately (Don't feel like you're alone).
You came up with some surprises, as usual (and I DL'd them as usual).
The Brunswick Playboys cut is a cover version?

nadorozny2001 said...

The brunswick playboys cut is an original. i'm pretty sure of that!

jimmark66 said...

I am sorry for my lack of comments..I enjoy your files...I used the Alvino Rey song 'Greenbeans' that I downloaded awhile ago from here, on my podcast show.



Ratfinkie said...

Thanks for these postings. I used to find Arc LPs at California thrift stores, and always emjoyed them. I also love Monkees cover tunes.

grandpaterry said...

I'm downloading most of your music and lovin' it.



Chris said...

I've been trying to find this Monkees cover album for ages, and am so thrilled to have finally found it here!! So, thank you very much! I've collected a number of the old Arc Records LP's but this is one I have had no luck with. Now, having said that, I was wondering (if it isn't out of line for me to ask) if you would possibly re-rip this first batch of tracks that you uploaded? The sound quality difference between this 2010 batch, and the 2011 batch is huge (the latter being fantastic)! I really do appreciate the hard work you put into this blog, and if it was a more subtle difference (something I could equalize), I wouldn't bother you with this request. Thank you for your consideration.